Worried About Mold in Your Trees?

Springtime is when everything comes back to life, including common pests that will try and ruin your trees. Fungi and molds can also develop in the humid air as long as they have a little shade to thrive in. If you’re worried about mold on your trees, then listen close because this is what you need to know.

How Does Mold Grow on Trees?

Mold grows on trees in the same way it grows anywhere else. The spores arrive at the site and receive ample moisture, nutrients, and shade. With the things they need to thrive, they will do so, and then spread throughout the surface of your tree. As they do, they can get into the trunk and cause parts of it to collapse. You may notice other structural issues with your tree and in time, it may rot and die.

How Can You Get Rid of the Mold?

One of the simplest ways to handle your mold problem is to use baking soda. A gentle soap, baking soda, and water mixture, applied to the mold will get rid of it without harming the tree. However, in some cases, this may not solve your problem. You may need more advanced help from a specialist.

What you shouldn’t do is put chemicals on the trees. Chemicals may get rid of the mold, but they will also likely harm the tree in a potentially lasting way. It’s far better to leave advanced mold removal to the experts. We’ll take it from there.

Call on Nelson Tree When you Need Us

If you’re dealing with an advanced case of tree mold, then we can help you deal with it. We can also address any other problems you may have with your trees. Contact us today and we’ll help you with your tree-related needs.

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