What Can I Do with My Leftover Wood?

Trees provide wood for a number of different uses. Many homeowners use it to heat their homes via a wood stove or fireplace when the weather is cold. Whether you went a bit overboard with stocking up on firewood for the winter season, or you recently had a tree removed from your yard and aren’t sure what to do with the wood, we’ve got some helpful advice.

leftover wood after tree removal

Store Wood for Next Winter

If you know you’ll be needing firewood again when the cold temperatures come back around, storing it can be a helpful, money-saving option. Because wood’s burning capabilities can be reduced when exposed to moisture, it’s essential to store it in a dry area that is safe from being rained on. Firewood racks are available online and at local hardware stores that you can use for outdoor storage, but you’ll also need tarp or other strong covering to lay over top of the wood to keep it from getting wet.

Host a Summer Bonfire

Just because the winter season has passed doesn’t mean Maryland won’t see chilly nights throughout the spring and summer. Check your local forecast and choose a cooler evening to gather with friends around a bonfire. Don’t forget the chocolate, marshmallows, and graham crackers!

Plan a Camping Trip

Whether you’re a solo adventurer or like to plan activities as a family, camping is a great way to disconnect from daily life and enjoy getting in touch with nature. There are plenty of great campsites throughout Maryland, Virginia, and nearby states that are just a short drive away, and most allow campers to bring their own firewood along with them. Use your leftover wood to teach the youngsters how to build a fire or use it for other fun camping activities like cooking or storytelling around the campfire.

Donate It

If you don’t have a wood stove, fireplace, or other mechanism for utilizing the leftover wood yourself, consider donating it. Local donation centers and charities often collect unused firewood so that they may help those in your community who need it to heat their homes and keep warm.

Contact Your Local Arborist

When you need a tree removed but don’t have a use for it once it’s cut down, a professional arborist can help. The certified tree care experts at Nelson Tree Specialist are highly-trained in safe tree removal and can rid your property of leftover wood efficiently. Reach out to us for tree removal or other tree maintenance services today.

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