The Problem with Exotic Plants

Though some of the most beautiful plants in the world come from far off places, there is one important rule of nature. Sometimes the most beautiful things in nature are also the most dangerous. Though exotic trees may not be as dangerous as poison dart frogs, they aren’t always the best choice for you landscaping.

Exotic Trees Require Extra Maintenance

Trees that originated in other biomes and ecosystems may have some trouble thriving in ours. Not only will they not appreciate the amount of rain or sunlight we get, they may also object to the winter season. Let’s take the Ylang-Ylang tree, also known as the Chanel No. 5 tree. This gorgeous and fragrant tree requires a tropical environment to flower. Even if you were to tend to it, it will not likely flourish.

Exotic Trees May Be Invasive

One of the biggest problems with any sort of exotic wildlife is that it doesn’t belong in our ecosystems and because it doesn’t fit in with the rest of the biome, it can harm important populations that do belong. The Japanese Honeysuckle, for example, may be beautiful, but it is also known to crowd out native species. Some invasive species can be toxic to wildlife.

Native Plants Are Good for the Environment

Unlike exotics, native plants are good for the environment. They feed local animals and bees, they help the other plants around them, and they’ll look good doing it. Native plants belong here and will respond favorably to our weather patterns. They’ll thrive and you can enjoy them for many years to come. The next time you decide to add a few trees to your landscaping, consider native plants and do your local bees a favor.

Need Help with Native Landscaping?

Native landscaping is an amazing way to make the environment better and we’re here to help you make that happen. Our arborists are highly trained in the ways of tree maintenance and we can diagnose any issues that may arise. If you’re in need of tree-related expertise, then we can help. Contact us today to learn more.

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