The Dangers of DIY Tree Removal

If a tree on your property is dying, leaning, or has become an eyesore, simply removing it yourself might cross your mind as the best way to deal with the problem. Unfortunately, many homeowners who engage in DIY tree removal end up with injuries or costly consequences due to a number of mistakes. Take a look at some of the common dangers you can face if you remove a tree yourself, and why it’s best to get professional help with this task.

DIY Tree Removal Injuries

Unless you’re prepared with professional equipment and practices that tree removal experts use, you risk injuring not only yourself, but others around you. If you attempt to remove a large tree, things can take a wrong turn and the tree may end up falling on your home, putting your family members inside at risk. If you’ve got the right equipment, but lack the expertise to use it properly, chances of injury are even higher.

Property Damage

Is the tree you want to remove close to your home? Are there cars parked near by? Do you have other exterior items on your property that could be at risk of damage if your tree removal doesn’t go the right way? If you choose DIY tree removal and something goes wrong, you’re putting all of these things at risk, and they can be difficult and costly to repair or replace.

Electrical Issues

Many residential trees are located near power lines, and if you’re not careful, you could risk being electrocuted by one of the lines. Working with heavy tools and equipment near power lines can also lead to fires and power outages. If any of these things occur, you can end up with fines, costly repairs, personal injury, and unhappy neighbors.

Equipment Failure

It might be tempting to use whatever saws or other equipment you have in the garage to remove your tree, but this often results in negative consequences for homeowners. If you don’t have the proper tools required for tree removal, your tools may fail or break, meaning you’ll have to pay to replace them or have them repaired. If your tree-removal equipment is inadequate, it can also make it more difficult for a professional to remove the tree once you decide to call in the experts to fix the damage.

Stay Safe and Let Nelson Tree Specialist Handle Removal

We are professional arborists and tree removal experts that have many years of experience in caring for and removing trees from residential properties in Maryland. Don’t risk injury or other costly consequences and give us a call today to remove your unwanted trees.

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