Taking Care of Older Trees

Taking Care of Older Trees

It’s a simple mistake to make in thinking that older trees don’t need as much care.

No matter how old your trees are, you still have to look after them. It’s a simple mistake to make in thinking that older trees don’t need as much care, love, and attention as newgrown trees. But just because they’ve been planted awhile doesn’t mean they aren’t in need of maintenance. Here are some helpful tips for taking care of older trees.

Give Them Water

Water is vital for every living thing on this planet. It doesn’t matter if you’re a person, a cat, or a tree. You all need to get enough water in order to be healthy and happy. The type of trees in you have in your yard go a long way towards determining how much water they need. Older trees might only need to be watered once a month. But if you don’t know for sure, you can always give Nelson Tree Specialist a call!

Prune Them Properly

Also, don’t forget about pruning. Even at their advanced age, the trees in your care will still need occasional trimming or pruning. If you plan on doing this by yourself, be sure you know the guidelines and can follow them correctly. So if you are hesitant to go through with this step of the tree care process, consider relying on professional expertise instead. When you try to prune your tree, be careful that you don’t damage the tops. The top of the tree is just as important as your head is to the rest of you.

Don’t Damage Them

The quickest way to hurt your trees is to bump into them. We don’t mean walking into them, but accidentally hitting them with a lawn mower or a weed whacker. It may not seem serious, but you could be affecting the tree’s bark without even realizing it.

Tree Care for Every Tree from Nelson Tree Specialist

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