Repurposing Your Christmas Tree After the Holidays

Repurposing Christmas Tree

You can recycle your Christmas trees into mulch – what else can you do to repurpose your old Christmas tree?

Bringing in a real, live Christmas tree to your home is one of the most magical parts of the holiday season. The distinctive aroma of pine fills your family room and its branches sparkle with lights. It’s understandable if your family finds it hard to say goodbye to your Christmas tree after the holiday season is over – after all, they associate it with all of the pleasant memories of the season! Fortunately, you don’t have to simply kick the tree to the curb. Read on for ways that you can be eco-friendly and repurpose your tree!

Find a Community Christmas Tree Drop-Off

Recycled Christmas trees can do a lot for a community. They can provide mulch for playgrounds or habitats for fish in local ponds. Check with your municipal government to see if they provide a Christmas tree recycling event to help benefit your community!

Reuse as Mulch for Your Plants

You can also choose to recycle your Christmas tree at home. Pine needles can serve as a moisturizing mulch and branches can be shredded into mulch as well. Over time, the mulch made from your Christmas tree can provide a needed boost of nutrients to the soil.

Freshen Up Your Home Air

You could turn your old Christmas tree into a natural air freshener for your home. Simply pluck out the pine needles and add them to a bowl of potpourri to keep that distinctive smell of Christmas lingering in your home for the winter. You can also get crafty with the branches by turning them into wood coasters, candle holders, or other items.

Repurposing the Tree as Fuel

Pinewood makes a great fuel for outdoor fire pits. While the time may not be ripe for lounging by the fire pit right now, you could still chop up your old tree into firewood and store it until the weather is more conducive to it! Experts recommend that you don’t use this wood in an indoor fireplace as it can get extremely hot and pose a fire hazard.

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