Plant Some Trees on your Property this Fall!


When you plant new trees in the fall, they can build up their root systems enough to withstand the subsequent summer heat.

You probably think of fall as the end of the growing season. This is a view that is shared by many people. However, fall is an ideal time to plant trees, shrubs, and other assorted plants! Planting trees in the fall enable root systems to develop and grow before the heat of the summer time returns. Encouraging good root growth is the key to ensuring these trees grow healthily.

When to Plant

Fall officially begins with the equinox in September. The best time to start planting trees and shrubs is six weeks before the first indications of a hard frost – this is usually sometime between September and November. This allows roots to become established before the ground freezes. Waiting too late to plant the trees, however, can have a negative impact on your trees’ health.

Wetter Weather = Less Watering

The weather during the fall generally is cooler and wetter during the fall, which is ideal for the health of your new trees. You won’t have to water your trees as often. As the shoot growth halts, the cooler, shorter days will decrease the rate of photosynthesis and your tree’s thirst for water. Rapid root development is encouraged by the stable air temperatures, and the soil stays warmer while the air temperature cools.

Benefits of Fall Planting

Trees planted in the fall are better able to withstand the heat and dryness during the following summer season than trees planted the subsequent spring. You can also coordinate your tree planting with the fall colors they produce to eventually produce vivacious effects later on! If you decide to plant broad-leaved evergreens during the fall, make sure you protect them from harsh winter winds and treat them with an antidesiccant!

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