Got Tree Mold?

Tree mold is one of the silent killers of the arborist world. You may not even notice its presence until it’s too late. So, today we’re going to be walking you through some of the ways that you can spot tree mold, what to do, and why it matters.

Spotting Tree Mold

As you gaze upon your beautiful trees, you should look for the following:

White Powdery Substances
Mushrooms or other fungus on the trunk
Unusual growths
Collections of insect nests
Other abnormalities

If you’re not sure if what you’re looking at is abnormal, you can always call on the expertise of tree specialists like us to help you figure it out.

What Can You Do About Tree Mold?

So, you’re pretty sure you have some tree mold on your hands. The question is what you should do next. The next step depends on how sick the tree is. If the tree is only in the opening stages of its infection, then you may be able to treat the mold and restore the tree. However, if the mold or disease is advanced, then you may not be able to save it. Trimming off the sick limbs or removing the tree entirely may be the best options, but we can help you determine your next step.

Why Does it Matter?

What’s a little tree mold, right? Well, here’s the thing. If your tree’s disease goes on without you taking care of it, then it will likely decline until it finally dies. A dead tree is dangerous for your property. It could fall and hurt someone or something. The best thing to do to keep your property safe is to stay on top of the health of your trees by working with a tree specialist.

Nelson Tree Specialist is Your Resource

Whether you think your trees are dead or you just need help with their illnesses, we’re here to help you with premier tree services throughout the state of Maryland.

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