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  • Finding the Right Tree Care Company

    Choosing a tree company might seem pretty straightforward, but there are some things you need to consider before deciding on one. Like everything else, tree care companies have different strengths and offer different qualities of work. To decide on the… Read More

  • How to Handle Exposed Tree Roots

    A tree’s root system is a complex structure made up of long, winding roots that intertwine and fuse together to provide tremendous strength against natural forces. Since the majority – or entirety – of a tree’s roots exist beneath the… Read More

  • Tree Removal 101: The Preparation Phase

    Whether you have an unsightly old tree in your yard that’s lowering your home’s curb appeal or you’re looking to make your outdoor living area more spacious and functional, tree removal can be an effective solution. Are you considering attempting… Read More

  • What is Arbor Day?

    Arbor Day is coming up this week on April 24th, and as professional tree care and maintenance specialists, we wanted to share what this day celebrates and why it’s so important. The History of Arbor Day Arbor Day is a… Read More

  • Earth Day 2020: Caring for the Trees

    The world will be observing its 50th Earth Day next week on on April 22, 2020. Learn more about this world-wide holiday and why trees are such a big part of protecting Earth’s environment. The Purpose of Earth Day Many… Read More

  • What Can I Do with My Leftover Wood?

    Trees provide wood for a number of different uses. Many homeowners use it to heat their homes via a wood stove or fireplace when the weather is cold. Whether you went a bit overboard with stocking up on firewood for… Read More

  • Spring Tree Care & Landscaping Tips

    Warm weather is here and it’s time to get started on your tree care and home landscaping projects for the year. This means taking care of existing plant life, as well as adding new features that can help you best… Read More

  • Should I Have My Dead Tree Removed?

    Have you recently considered grabbing your hand saw and chopping down that old, dead, tree in your yard so that it’s no longer an eyesore? Sure, having a dead tree in your yard can be unsightly, but so too will… Read More

  • Common Tree Myths Dispelled

    The tree is the longest-living organism on earth and is one of our planet’s most magnificent and interesting forms of life . But have you heard that trees can heal their own wounds? Although this is still a common belief,… Read More

  • Tree Pollen and Spring Allergies

    Springtime in Maryland is when warmer temperatures, more hours of sunlight, and frequent rainfall return and we get to say goodbye to the cold season for a while. Although all three elements are essential to the regrowth of greenery and… Read More

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