Can Rain Harm Your Trees?

Rain, for the most part, is good for trees. After all, plants of all kinds need a healthy amount of water to thrive. Too much rain, however, can be a problem. Maryland enjoys a good deal of rain during the summer and sometimes that means flooding.

Flooding Drowns Your Trees

The biggest problem with waterlogged trees is the fact that their roots are completely submerged. Roots need oxygen to live, after all. Without enough oxygen, a tree will essentially drown. If the flooded area isn’t mitigated, this can cause serious damage to the tree over time, even potentially killing it. A waterlogged tree may also be more susceptible to diseases and attacks from insects. Overall, it can be a big problem.

Flooding Damages Your Soil

The other big problem with floods is that they displace and loosen soil. This can lead to issues with erosion. If the soil supporting your trees erodes to a dangerous degree, the tree can fall, which can cause serious damage to people and property.

What Do You Do About Flooding?

If your yard is flooded, then you , need to take steps to drain the area. This can be done with irrigation tactics such as a french drain. There are many solutions to keep your yard safe from flooding. You can talk to a landscaping company for more information. Make sure that you’re protecting your trees from further flooding if you know that the area is prone to this problem.

Sick Trees? We Can Help!

Whether you’re dealing with sick trees, fallen trees, or any other tree-related problem, we’re here to help you. Contact us today for more information on emergency tree removal and how we can make your property safer.

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