Boost Your Tree Knowledge with These Little-Known Facts

Did you know that trees are one of Earth’s greatest natural resources? Alright, you probably already learned that way back in elementary school. These lesser-known facts about trees, however, will give you further insight on just how amazing and capable they can be.

Cool Facts About Trees

  • A tree’s rings can tell much more than just its age. They can also reveal environmental changes that occurred throughout the tree’s life, including severe drought and volcanic activity.
  • Giant Sequoia trees can drink up to 500 gallons of water per day.
  • The seeds of a cottonwood tree are released into the air with even the slightest of breezes and can remain airborne for days before landing.
  • A common explanation for the origin of the phrase “knock on wood” is that ancient Pagan cultures believed gods and spirits lived within trees, and that knocking on their trunks would awaken these spirits and request their protection. 
  • Some tree species can send airborne chemical signals that warn nearby trees of insect attacks, as well as attract predators to feed on the insects that are attacking them.
  • Trees have symbiotic relationships with fungi that live among their roots that facilitate communication and resource sharing between surrounding trees.
  • The root system of a single mature Oak tree can span hundreds of miles in length.
  • When exposed to the chemicals, called phytoncides, that are released by trees, people have experienced reduced blood pressure, increased pain threshold, and reduced anxiety.

Maintaining this Vital Resource

Trees are the largest plants on the planet and are vital to human existence. That’s why caring for the trees on your own property is so important. At Nelson Tree Specialist, we’re dedicated to keeping your trees in good health so that they may continue providing essential resources and natural beauty to our world. 

Weak, diseased, or leaning trees can pose a threat to your landscape, your home, and anyone who spends time in your yard, and our tree removal services are offered to ensure both the safety and beauty of your property. Contact us to learn more about our tree care, tree maintenance, or tree removal services today.

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