6 Things You May Not Know About Trees

One of Earth’s greatest natural resources, trees do plenty of good for our environment and the human population. Additionally, they’re a great addition to a dull or unlively landscape. Whether you have trees on your property or you’re thinking about incorporating some into your 2020 landscape design, it’s always helpful to learn facts about trees.

Facts About Trees: Trees are the longest living organisms on Earth.

There is a species of pine original to the American West that is currently over 5,000 years old. Although the stems and branches of Aspen trees only live an average of 100-150 years, there have also been root systems of these trees found to be nearly 80,000 years old.

Facts About Trees: Trees that surround homes and buildings can reduce the need for air conditioning by over 25%.

Many species of trees, especially shade trees, cast enough shadows throughout the day that they can efficiently reduce the need for air conditioning in residential homes and commercial buildings. Talk about energy savings!

Facts About Trees: Healthy trees can have values of up to $10,000.

Did you know that having trees on your property can increase your home’s value? A beautiful landscape with natural treelife or strategically planted trees can boost your home’s curb appeal and make your property worth more money when it comes time to sell.

There is a national holiday dedicated to planting trees.

Arbor Day was established in 1872 in Nebraska. On that day, it is estimated that nearly one million trees were planted. The holiday, which falls on different dates for each state, encourages groups and individuals to plant trees to improve air quality, provide food and habitats for wildlife, and strengthen Earth’s environment.

Nearly one-third of the U.S. is covered by forests.

Although this fact might lead you to ask, “Why do we need to plant trees if they’re so prevalent in our country?”, forests are subjected to fires and are minimized on a daily basis due to housing development, commercial construction, and for use in creating paper products. Planting trees on your property and in your community is a great way to help preserve this necessary resource.

Tree maintenance is essential to healthy growth.

Trees exist and grow on their own in nature, so is it really necessary to have the trees on your land cared for and maintained by a professional? Unfortunately, the chances of the trees on your property becoming diseased or weak due to improper or lack of care are higher than you’d think. 

The experts at Nelson Tree Specialist are dedicated to providing arborist services that ensure healthy growth for your trees and safety for your home and family. Contact us to schedule tree care services today!

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