3 Tips to Protect Your Trees from Storm Damage

3 Tips to Protect Your Trees from Storm Damage

Prevention is the first step to protecting your trees from the effects of heavy wind and rain.

Prevention is the first step to protecting your trees from the effects of heavy wind and rain. Storms are often unpredictable, so it’s best to keep up with good tree habits throughout the year. We can’t control mother nature, but we do have control over how we prepare for the damage that sometimes comes as a result. 

Prune and Maintain

Maintaining trees and ensuring that they are pruned, healthy, and trimmed will help minimize the effects of storm damage. Trees that are appropriately trimmed are stronger and have a better chance of withstanding high winds. In addition, examine your trees for any noticeable problems, including various tree diseases that could weaken your tree’s structure.

Watch for Power Lines

Keep your tree’s limbs from any nearby power lines. Even if they don’t seem that close, the wind and rain of a storm will cause your tree to sway and may push a limb onto a line, which could create an even more dangerous situation for your home, car, and neighbor’s property.

Remember Your Roots

The health of your roots is just as important as the overall structure of the tree. If you’ve made any recent changes to the ground of your property near the tree, you may want to have your tree’s roots examined for any damage or weakening in the root system. In the event of a storm, a weak root system could cause the tree to split or even fall.

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