• Why Hire a Tree Expert to Care for Your Trees

    Whether you have trees that were in your yard when you moved in, or you added trees to your property to improve your home’s landscape and curb appeal, it’s important to maintain all of the greenery surrounding your home. This… Read More

  • Home Services Guide for First-Time Buyers

    Buying a home is a much different investment than simply renting a property. When you buy a home, you are responsible for maintaining the home and  It can be overwhelming to ensure you cover all of your bases when it… Read More

  • How to Dispose of Your Christmas Tree

    The holidays have come and gone, and unless you’re someone who likes to keep holiday decor around the house until spring, you’re probably starting to place everything back in storage. But what should you do with your Christmas tree?  Many… Read More

  • Pruning Your Trees in Winter

    Winter is one of the most popular times to prune your trees. After all, with the leaves gone, it can be easy to see which areas of the tree need the attention of a licensed arborist. Not only that, but… Read More

  • Maryland Pests that can Damage Your Trees

    Weather isn’t the only thing that can harm your Maryland trees. There are plenty of insects and other pests that are prevalent in our state that can cause damage to the trees and plant-life on your property. Let’s take a… Read More

  • The Dangers of DIY Tree Removal

    If a tree on your property is dying, leaning, or has become an eyesore, simply removing it yourself might cross your mind as the best way to deal with the problem. Unfortunately, many homeowners who try to remove trees themselves… Read More

  • The Best Plants for Adding Color to Your Winter Landscape

    The weather is getting colder, and many of your trees have likely shed their colorful leaves and left you with a bland, colorless landscape. Don’t settle for a sad, lifeless yard! Consider these vibrant plants that can keep your landscape… Read More

  • Common Tree Diseases

    Having trees on your property can add to the beauty of your home, but if they are infected with disease, they can become quite an eyesore. Not to mention, disease can spread to other plants in your yard and require… Read More

  • How Winter Can Harm Your Trees

    Though there are trees that can withstand below-freezing temperatures and winter weather with no ill effects, many residential trees are damaged each year by snow, ice, frost, and cold weather. Here’s how to look out for and prevent winter tree… Read More

  • How to Care for Your Christmas Tree

    If you’re picking out a real Christmas tree this year, whether it’s your first time or your 20th, it’s important to know the proper care your tree needs in order to stay healthy and vibrant in your home throughout the… Read More

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