Is It Better to Use Rocks or Organic Mulch for Your Trees?

Rocks or Organic Mulch

Rocks or organic mulch for your trees? Each choice has pros and cons.

One of the most important things that you can do to keep your trees healthy throughout the year is mulching them. In addition to making your landscaping look complete, organic mulch or rocks help to keep your trees in great condition. Here is what you need to know about organic mulch and rocks as methods of taking care of your trees.

Organic Mulch 101

Organic mulch is well-loved because:

  • It provides a better amount of growth and can actually double how fast your plants and trees grow
  • Organic mulch decreases the amount of water that you need to use to keep your plants hydrated on hot days
  • It provides natural nutrients to your plants to help them thrive
  • Organic mulch prevents weeds from sprouting and poking through, so you could lower the amount of weeds in your yard as much as 50%
  • It helps to keep plants warm all winter long and cool all summer long

Organic mulch is not always favored, however, as it requires:

  • Replacing every 1-4 years, so you can’t simply purchase it once and have it last for extended amounts of time
  • Careful application, as too much organic mulch can actually damage the trees and plants in your yard
  • The proper timing, as mulching too early in the season can actually stop trees and flowers from thriving as early in the season
  • Careful checking of the actual organic mulch itself, as some varieties can have weed seeds that snuck into the mix

Rocks 101

Rocks are also popular choices for keeping yards beautiful, thanks to their:

  • Low maintenance, as they are essentially permanent
  • Low cost
  • Fire-proof nature, if you live in an area that is susceptible to wild fires
  • Ability to keep weeds away for longer periods of time
  • Wind resistance, so they won’t simply blow away every time there is a gust of wind

Unfortunately, rocks are also known for:

  • Getting too warm in the summer months
  • Not offering any nutritional benefits to plants
  • Preventing landscapers from easily pruning plants

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